Honey is a sweet, natural product, which is firstly collected by bees in form of nectar of flowers and afterwards processed with enzymes to the final product.
Due to the taste and the nutrition contained, honey is considered as one of the most valuable aliment in the world and is also known as sweet gold. Besides the distinctive taste honey also has healthy, revitalizing and cosmetic properties.


About Us

We, company Med-Honig Vnos, Iznos EOOD, have been founded in 2001 by a german company. Since then we are a leader in purchase, processing and export of natural Bulgarian honey. Due to our long-term experience and the gathered know-how on honey we established a successful business as an exporter. This is based on our trusting cooperation with more than 1.000 Bulgarian beekeepers. They supply the best, natural quality to us. Our production facility and office are located in Dobrich, only few kilometeres away from the black sea.

Range of products

Thanks to the diverse Bulgarian flora we can supply our customers with a wide range of different honeys:

  • Blossom Honey, creamy
  • Blossom Honey, liquid
  • Spring honey
  • Rapeseed
  • Acacia
  • Coriander
  • Lavender
  • Sunflower

The products are packed in in industrial, food safe metal drums of up to 290 kg honey.

The purchase and sales of honey is done through the entire year.

Reviews and Recommendations

"Продавам меда си на Мед-Хониг повече от 10 години .Сериозна и отговорна фирма съм и никога не съм имал проблеми с тях."
Петър 35 г.
"Работя само с тази фирма,понеже плащат веднага,когато си давам меда,а не като други да го взимат на разсрочено плащане и да ги чакам после по цяла година."
Стоян 45 г.
"Познавам фирмата още от 2006 г и са най-коректната фирма на пазар.Идват,взимат пробите и след 2 седмици ти е купен меда.Другите фирми им трябват 4-5 месеца докато дойдат за меда"
Иван 55 г.
"И с други фирми съм работил през годините,но предпочитам Мед-Хониг,защото работят бързо,плащат на момента и най-важно-дават чисто нов амбалаж."
Георги 60 г.



You are interested to buy honey from us? Please contact Mr. Dilyan Gospodinov